So, an example of additive gender.

This is me, from college, when I still dressed up regularly.


See? Quite a bit of both, please.


    • Hey Figleaf,
      Thanks so much! On last week’s Kink On Tap I heard about the idea of positive versus negative androgyny. The negative version is what I think of as androgyny, the removal of gendered traits, whereas positive androgyny would be along the lines of my additive gender concept. It’s an interesting idea, and perhaps less clumsy than my phraseology. But thank you for your support! I’m glad you like the idea – it’s pretty central to me, these days.

    • Hey Gramina,
      I’m so glad this helped you! This is just one way of talking about the idea. I’ve recently heard about Positive vs. Negative Androgyny – the idea that Positive Androgyny is when aspects of both femininity and masculinity are put forward – what I’m here calling Additive Gender, and Negative Androgyny is when aspects of all gender are repressed. Just another way of talking about a very useful concept.

  1. I’m really intrigued by this, as a person with both large breasts and a taste for suits, I’d love to be able to reconcile the two. But I’m always stuck with a feeling that it just doesn’t look right to me. Definite issues getting things to fit properly. You look fabulous in this picture…any tips or thoughts?

    • Hey Leigh,
      Thanks so much for this comment. I’m not sure I’ve much in the way of tips, except to rock it – and maybe get luck on camera angle. That jacket is a young man’s tuxedo jacket that I bought for about $15 at a thrift store. The shoulders are very wide, the waist not small enough. Indeed, I think the only reason it looks feminine at all is that it’s so obviously NOT made for me that it calls attention to the very female body below it. If you’re interested in letting both femininity and masculinity shine brightly, maybe suits that aren’t tailored for you specifically aren’t the worst thing in the world.

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