Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • All plugged in for tonight's @KinkOnTap w/my gorgeous cohost @maymaym & charming guest @JohnBaku. This 4th, the #fireworks are intellectual! #
  • I was right! This week's @KinkOnTap with the very cool @JohnBaku really was #sparky Just the thing to celebrate #independence of all kinds! #
  • Ok, #weather I get it. 93 degrees. I'll air-condition just a little, just so my #brain will continue to #function Just that much. No more. #
  • Dear the Internet: I can promise you that @maymaym is not awake yet. But I'm sure he will appreciate the #birthday #wishes when he is! #
  • @xMech Saw this and was thought – I know just what bathroom he's thinking of. That one is particularly lovely. in reply to xMech #
  • Who's got a brilliant idea for clearing the clouds from my head? the AC is helping, but not nearly enough… #
  • Read enough times in a row, any word will lose it's meaning. Currentl "free" is just a collection of letters that make a silly sound. #
  • Hey, #Internet Who gets paid for things online? Do you accept #credit #cards? Why or why not, and which #service do you use for that stuff? #
  • @johntunger Thanks! I'm thinking that these are much more effective for selling objects than selling services, but I'm looking into 'em! in reply to johntunger #
  • It's official. It just hit #100 #degrees in Providence; 115 with the heat index. This is yechy. AC full blast, downing water, still too hot. #
  • 4 hours delay. On and off plane twice. Bought wifi pass to do work, 3 calls and over an hour on phone w wifi tech support. Might cry. Help. #
  • Meetings rearranged, re-boarded & waiting. To heck w/ work for tonight. Eventually I'll get home, & pay attention to family & cat. Is #good #
  • More or less off radar right now with my parents in Michigan. See you for @KinkOnTap tomorrow, Internet! @bluegal & @sexgenderbody join us! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

  • @sarahdopp FOR THE WIN! Relationships are made of tougher stuff than many folk believe. in reply to sarahdopp #
  • Had a great time on @KinkOnTap with @RabbitWhite and @LenaChen, as well as of course @maymaym. You should check 'em out, they're #brilliant #
  • @HiOhMegan Did you mean this @helio_girl? If so, I'm honored! And pleased to have helped. in reply to HiOhMegan #
  • @sarahdopp @johntunger So. Pleased. in reply to sarahdopp #
  • 'Work' today is sitting under a tree on Block Island, breathing in salt and summer, reading and being alone. Not a bad reason to get up @ 7. #
  • Went to inordinate lengths to keep myself out of the sun too much yesterday, only to discover my #scalp got #burnt where I parted my hair 🙁 #
  • Sudden craving to go see a movie today; Anything good playing? #
  • #Sunspots Mother #Nature PMSing? What is making everyone I know miserable right now? Everyone hurts, no one can support anybody else, #boo #
  • Fortune in my cookie: 'Do not give up, the #beginning is always the #hardest ' Thanks, #Universe I needed that. 🙂 #
  • #Fireworks ! I'll miss them on Sunday for @KinkOnTap, so the #Universe obliged by shooting some lovelies off in my area, just out my window. #
  • RT @maymaym @SarahDopp Lovelyl: #Christians who "[took] Christ's love to a place most would run away from." via #kinkontap #
  • Celebrating my first day of freedom with a slice of fresh baked whole wheat toast an inch thick and a tattered hoodie that I love so dear. #
  • Oh. My. God. #Google #Docs has #nesting #folders now! Wow, #Universe you really DID want to cheer me up! This is great! #
  • Church bells ring in my neighborhood at noon. Who knew? #Freedom is #fun #
  • @nikolasco Fair. I shall now thank you directly every time Google does something nice. Because clearly, it's just you takin' care of me. in reply to nikolasco #
  • @xMech I am! Have you come to my town yet? Can we visit? in reply to xMech #
  • @siniful Thanks! Also my Whovian friends were super excited by your icon, and inquire as to why you picked the Tardis-screen crack. in reply to siniful #
  • Ok, screaming child of downstairs neighbor is first #downside to #freedom Must find places to work out side of home. #
  • @Rikakulon That happens to me every time I see my #long #distance partner for the first time again. I have written poems about that feeling. in reply to Rikakulon #
  • 1st Day of #Freedom translates into 10 hour #work day. And I just tried to tweet this from a Gchat window. I'm taking a break, y'all. Peace. #
  • Realizing I work with sacred sex workers, iron artists & crazy, brilliant entrepreneurs. I am an #aide to the new #Bohemians #