Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • Some Aida got etched into your memory as you were sleeping. Sorry, you got box-texted. #cambridgethulu #
  • The duke notices you singing along with plot. #cambridgethulu #
  • 'My Prussian blood still boils!''Prussian blood? My favorite! Waiter could we have another bottle of that red?' #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "Did you just touch the screaming door with the simulacrum hand?!" "Anything would sound bad when you say it THAT way." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • The DM Says: "If you do that, it'll be the MOST AMAZING THING EVER. But I don't actually advise you to do that." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "We just left a torso writhing on the ground." "What's more, we stole his hat!" #Cambridgethulhu #
  • We found a hat of "makes shit disappear." Mostly, the shit it disappears seems to be parts of people's bodies. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • I think the Duke could use a hat. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • Oh, we seem to have angered an entire medieval town. Maybe the Duke didn't want the hat after all. Let's run now. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "Why did we go through that door?! We keep coming up in Shit Narnia in this campaign." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • We don't have the hat, but we've got the scroll. Dammit! We *really liked* that hat. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "Within the bedroom are a number of things." "Oh, dear." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "I'm starting to believe that a hangover is just lack of magic points." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • This is how the game goes: DM sends us up against unspeakable horrors, and we fight back by making a lot of dirty jokes. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • @sarahdopp <3 in reply to sarahdopp #
  • DM: I'm gonna roll a d6. Players: Why are you rolling a d6? DM: I'm just rolling a d6. #cambridgethulhu #
  • @citizen_kid I always worry he'll decide to stay in one one day. in reply to citizen_kid #
  • @andreamercado Your very own fiend?! (Erhard? Really?) in reply to andreamercado #
  • @andreamercado Mostly it's the "fiend" I was puzzled about. He's just so friendly for a fiend! in reply to andreamercado #

Sometimes in Spring

Sometimes in Spring
When the clouds are sitting low and broody
And you forget your warmer jacket
And sit shivering

You look up and in the middle-distance
There are little white flakes, fluttering

And your heart jumps
And you think
“Oh no. Please no.
I thought we were done with this.”

And you let your eyes wander
For some sort of comfort to hold you
against the looming specter of cold,
And you see the rest of the blossoms

Still on the tree.

Winter is not following you.
It will be warm again in time for the weekend.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

  • Ok, downstairs neighbors. I can see how you might have ruined your hearing. Please don't ruin mine. Turn. Down. The. Bass. #
  • @this_isbollocks And they might enjoy it, and then be nicer. But remember that not all people, are like that, all the time, my sweet. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks Oh, I dunno. People are people. No real reason to expect better of the affluent and educated than the self-taught and poor. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks I do. And you want me to, as well. Because somebody needs to keep you in line, and I am by far the cutest. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • 'Lot's of funny looking things eat stupid things and still like sex.' – My mother does not get pandas. #
  • @bringmerain Yes. I am very aware. in reply to bringmerain #
  • @this_isbollocks love you so hard in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • I have rain gear. It's in the trunk of my car. Between me and said car are 20 feet of pouring and puddles for my berkenstocks to traverse. #
  • @GraphicNovelty That's what you call high functioning? in reply to GraphicNovelty #
  • Today is one of those "coffee for dinner" sort of days… #
  • Cafe is full of adorable today. Father, to young son and son's friend "Thanks for going to ice-cream with me, boys!" #
  • Be careful with wikis. Not only will they devour your life, but they'll make you do arithmetic. #
  • @this_isbollocks Gosh, all of a sudden I *really* want a lollipop. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @elpocobiadlo Start at '05. Poke through the archives. in reply to elpocobiadlo #
  • #Yesterday every little thing was like a nail in my skull. Today the waitress brings a straw with my smoothie and I'm filled with #elation #
  • I short cycle, but hey – at least I cycle. #
  • being a child can be so heartbreaking and overwhelming. being an adult, too. #
  • @bewareleopard SO MANY <3s!!!! in reply to bewareleopard #
  • Ok, Internet. Here we go. Another day of my logorrheically tweeting #mathboy #039;s study-rambling. Currently he sings songs of interior angles. #
  • @neilhimself Dear Neil. We all think you're the Bee's Knees, and your Dr. Who Episode can't possibly miss. You can relax now. in reply to neilhimself #
  • @neilhimself Fair 'nuff. Figured it was worth a try. in reply to neilhimself #
  • Pleased though I am that he noticed it, I doubt this is a huge triumph. Just hoping @neilhimself has a good day. @bewareleopard @vlad43210 in reply to bewareleopard #
  • Is that a flash of shoulder I see? Yes, yes it is. Today we learn that math is better done without a shirt. #
  • "Maybe I'll put on my rain pants." "Are you going to come out in the rain, or just wear them in solidarity?" "I'm Polish." #mathboy #039;s logic. #
  • Turns out that sometimes doing math looks like taking a nap. On the floor. But we know better… there's math happening in there. #
  • Bursting with laughter … "That's the STUPIDEST problem I've ever SEEN!" Dumb questions are funny. Ask me about the Odd Rectangles later. #
  • @SaraEileen Joy Joy Joy! in reply to SaraEileen #
  • @SaraEileen It just started falling. Sweet little dog curled up at my side, and the mathboy pacing and muttering. My life is so sweet. in reply to SaraEileen #
  • Read the world pickle. Crave a pickle. Thanks, brain. #
  • Also, there is water falling out of the sky. How cool is that?! #
  • @SaraEileen It's … it's not grilled cheese at all! It's more like fondue-slop. Delicious fondue-slop. in reply to SaraEileen #
  • @this_isbollocks 'Why *are* roomie and all of his friends impossibly fucking loud?' dear. And it's because they're nutmuffins, is why. in reply to this_isbollocks #

A Woods In May

Path at Caratunk

Go down the path (notice the violets.)

Bridge at Caratunk

Cross the first stream. There are more ahead.

Moss on rocks by the edge of a stream

Think about how happy you would be if you were moss.

small plants and moss by a root

Look: Small things.

Folds in the bark of a tree

Strange things.

Small red leaves

Fiddlehead Fern

New things.

Rocks in the path

Old spreading roots

Old things.

Broken boardwalk

Broken things.

A whole new tree.

Things which are no longer the things which they once were.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01