Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • Some Aida got etched into your memory as you were sleeping. Sorry, you got box-texted. #cambridgethulu #
  • The duke notices you singing along with plot. #cambridgethulu #
  • 'My Prussian blood still boils!''Prussian blood? My favorite! Waiter could we have another bottle of that red?' #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "Did you just touch the screaming door with the simulacrum hand?!" "Anything would sound bad when you say it THAT way." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • The DM Says: "If you do that, it'll be the MOST AMAZING THING EVER. But I don't actually advise you to do that." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "We just left a torso writhing on the ground." "What's more, we stole his hat!" #Cambridgethulhu #
  • We found a hat of "makes shit disappear." Mostly, the shit it disappears seems to be parts of people's bodies. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • I think the Duke could use a hat. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • Oh, we seem to have angered an entire medieval town. Maybe the Duke didn't want the hat after all. Let's run now. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "Why did we go through that door?! We keep coming up in Shit Narnia in this campaign." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • We don't have the hat, but we've got the scroll. Dammit! We *really liked* that hat. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "Within the bedroom are a number of things." "Oh, dear." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • "I'm starting to believe that a hangover is just lack of magic points." #Cambridgethulhu #
  • This is how the game goes: DM sends us up against unspeakable horrors, and we fight back by making a lot of dirty jokes. #Cambridgethulhu #
  • @sarahdopp <3 in reply to sarahdopp #
  • DM: I'm gonna roll a d6. Players: Why are you rolling a d6? DM: I'm just rolling a d6. #cambridgethulhu #
  • @citizen_kid I always worry he'll decide to stay in one one day. in reply to citizen_kid #
  • @andreamercado Your very own fiend?! (Erhard? Really?) in reply to andreamercado #
  • @andreamercado Mostly it's the "fiend" I was puzzled about. He's just so friendly for a fiend! in reply to andreamercado #

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