calling up

Sometimes people die and
lots of people care but are not close
and somebody has to be the person
to call them up
and say,
I have bad news, the worst news, I’m sorry

I remember when I was called
with bad news, the worst news

I don’t know who
I would have expected
to call me
but I don’t think it was the someone
who did

I wonder who would call
the people who ought to know
if some morning I wasn’t in this world?

I wonder if people would get left out
and never know? Or find out years too late?

Sometimes I am afraid that
that has happened, and somebody
I hold dear and was once close to
is not in this world and I
grew too far to be alerted and
don’t know.

I wonder
to prevent
such a thing,

and I wonder if
such small isolations
are really just
what the world is made of.

Mid October Berkshire County

This small room is
lined with books
Even without my glasses
I can see:

“Jewish Stories One
Generation Tells
Choletz Chaim
on the Talmud

The fall colors
are not bright this weekend
the sun was out yesterday
but not today

and I remember how
time with my family
in a family place

has always meant
for me
time mostly
with my thoughts.