Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

  • @sarahdopp I like your life. Can I borrow it someday? #
  • @sarahdopp <feels loved>Doppelganger</feels loved> #
  • Just took a peek in my box-of-things-that-need-filing. I am now terrified. How did the pile get so big?! #
  • @Snoil Consider it done. The Doom Box is waiting… in reply to Snoil #
  • Seriously tempted to wear my corset for reasons of posture. In fact, so tempted I'm gonna do it. #
  • It's… not even funny how much more comfortable sitting just became. Guess I'll be rockin' the Victorian look for a while. #
  • Reading articles & prepping for @KinkOnTap. We'll be by the brilliant @audaciaray & @reidaboutsex. Star struck? @maymaym & I? Never! (a bit) #
  • OK! @KinkOnTap 58 shownotes are ready to go! Y'all can head on over & strut your #wiki stuff! #
  • What's that, @KinkOnTap listener? Not ready to strut your wikistuff? We gotcha: #
  • A conversation in De Saint Exupery: He – Right now I feel like the boy. Me – I am not the flower, but I might be the fox. #
  • Every morning not born out of perfect happiness fills me with frustration. Growth is so slow. And realizing what I lost is slower still. #
  • I left the last picture you sent open. Now whenever I toggle to between windows I see your smile and your skin. So that's nice. #
  • Also: Signs point to getting sick. That's no fun. At least I'm good at taking care of myself. #
  • @flwrpwr_vampyre Welcome to Fallen London! It's a long way down, but perhaps I'll see you around… #
  • You can't win, you can't break even and you can't get out of the game. #
  • @SaraEileen I remember that poem! #
  • Tonight I am making potato-leek-cheese soup. My sense of thrift is pleased to have put the old parmesan rinds into my soup base. #
  • Unreasonably late start today due to complete inability to get to sleep last night. But I've got a swingy skirt & the Fab Four. #Joy #
  • @vlad43210 Good morning! How are you this lovely September day? in reply to vlad43210 #

Still Crazy After All These Years

As my family and a few people who’ve known me for a very very long time know, I have been writing, largely poetry or poetical prose, since I was about 11 years old. And I still have almost everything I’ve written in that time. There’s books of the crap; and every once in a while when I need a reality check, or very occasionally when there’s someone who seems like they might be an interesting party with an embarrassing lyric history of their own to share, I pull it out.

And most of it is stuff that you couldn’t pay me to reprint here. But every once in a while I go back and I find something that still rings true; and I am amazed at myself.

This, from a decade ago, when I was 14 years old; I doubt I’d write anything like it now, but I’m surprised how well it still seems to fit.


I am smaller than I look
And older than my years
I am more careless than my sense of organization,
More carefree than my common sense
I am stupider than my intelligence
And far more understanding than my experience
I am more forgiving than my anger,
Sweeter than my cynicism
And more beautiful than I look
I am kinder than my impulses
I am more reserved than my actions
More resilient than my moods
And more silent than my noise
I am more world-weary than I have a right to be
And more red-head than brunette
I am stronger than my muscle
And weaker than my mind
I am more open than a parachute
And more extroverted than chili peppers or summer rain
I am sadder than a mourning dove
I am more joyful than anything

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

  • Twitter, you are not entertaining me today. Say something funny. #
  • Today I feel cared for in unexpected ways. Which just makes my face leaky once again. Pull yourself together, self. There's work to be done! #
  • Reading this awesome post from the Discover Magazine Blog, online domain of tonight's #KinkOnTap guest, @kmunkittrick! #
  • Pre @KinkOnTap dinner – 2 small plums, almonds, water, granola bar. Perhaps there should be post @KinkOnTap dinner, too… #
  • @vlad43210 Woulda been if I'd succeeded in eating more than a single plum and handful of almonds. More food soon. Boozenow. in reply to vlad43210 #
  • Stupid browsers kicked me out of the @kinkontap chatroom. Sad! I wish I knew what they were saying about this conversation … #
  • @HiOhMegan Eek? Why Eek?! in reply to HiOhMegan #
  • @vlad43210 And just what clear liquid would that be, comrade? in reply to vlad43210 #
  • Post @kinkontap dinner is quesadilla with shredded grilled chicken and some scallions. Which is good, cuz pre-kinkontap dinner didn't work. #
  • @vlad43210 Ah well. There's always next weekend. in reply to vlad43210 #
  • @vlad43210 No? Maybe I'll have to rethink my plans… in reply to vlad43210 #
  • Awoke this morning with what is either a very odd zit or some sort of insect bite on my face. Really hoping for zit. Bites on face are bad. #
  • Oh #Burning #Man. You steal my clients and leave me wondering what to do with my days. But hey, at least I know I've got a #rockin #039; #flock #
  • @mgod I always wondered how one managed to become Finnish. Glad to know! "Finland, Finland, Finland! The country where I long to be!" in reply to mgod #
  • New plan for defeating the aches of desk-living; happy music and dancing where I sit. More movement is good movement! #
  • Man, I wish I could join @maymaym at: on Thursday! You all have to go in my place! It's a whole @KinkOnTap part-taaaay! in reply to maymaym #
  • Hear hear! We're a lucky bunch, those in his life. RT @sarahdopp: @maymaym is a beautiful and inspiring friend to have. #
  • Man, skipping dinner makes me a cheap drunk. #
  • Get your open ended thought bubbles away from Star Friend! #
  • It's frustrating to feel like you don't want anybody close to you & yet feel lonely. I'm not one for lose-lose situations, but it's tricky. #
  • Dreamt of monsters and terrible things and stealing kisses on the edge of the storm. Also, overslept. #
  • @vlad43210 Yeah; kind of which I was still there. It was wild and scary and strange, but it made for some nice variety. in reply to vlad43210 #
  • Oooohhh, Frankie, my sweet transvestite. You make every day a little better. #