window prisms

Today my kitchen has a little flock
of rainbows
in it. They are not mine.

I am borrowing them from
the gift that I will give my sister

two crystals, which I have hung
in my windows just to
test, to be sure that
the rainbows
are satisfactory.

And they are.
(How could they not be ?)

Two days from now,
I will wake in Michigan
and some weeks later
this flock of rainbows
will meet a sunny room
in California.

in the morning

There are certainly times
when I see myself in my mirror
while I am dressing or undressing
and think:
Hot Damn! I am glad I inhabit this body!

That, naturally, does not happen every day.

And today I want to give thanks
for the miracle that is the utter lack
of correlation
between those days I think myself most lovely

and those days – not every day
but many days
when my lover’s first word
upon opening his eyes to me