Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

  • Enjoying a lovely sunny day. Discovered I suck at tetherball and I don't care a button, I don't care a fig! #
  • Today I planted a tree. On (near?) Earth Day. As a semi-hippie-chick, you'd think I'd be proud. In fact, I just judged the tiny twig-things. #
  • @bewareleopard He kind of almost sort of asked me. But I am coming from Providence so it does not really make the most sense. in reply to bewareleopard #
  • TRUTH: "Primes are sexy and rebellious — they would rather die standing than live on their knees." – @bigrbananahead #
  • (Re: prev. tweet – worth noting that pretty much all the time I spend on my knees is sexy time. Or time w/ small dogs or children. Y'know.) #
  • Seems I love mathematicians. I love them as they sit and work and grumble, I love them when they explain math in terms of romance. All Love. #
  • Which I guess makes sense because apparently the truth about math is that numbers (or number-like-objects) are all polyamorous. #
  • Apparently Google thinks it's a good idea now to suggest to me who I might want to include in an email. In case I forgot. #noshutupdamnyou #
  • Recognized the band songs and songs ago; waited patiently, now the song I know & love is playing. "Through the crack in the window pane…" #
  • @shadalicious @teaguehopkins I guess my contacts are just particularly hard to predict. They were way off for me. in reply to shadalicious #
  • @Ladysun333 Wow, you look lovely like that! in reply to Ladysun333 #
  • Oh, I see! The construction on the two squares of sidewalk outside my window and the insanely loud latin music from downstairs switch off! #
  • This must be so that I am merely constantly annoyed, and never laid out flat by a migraine. Thanks, dudes!! #
  • @this_isbollocks How's the view from out there? in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks ALWAYS. Mine goes with an Accai Warrior Smoothie. I have the health. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @HiOhMegan I presume that's just because you're trying to look him in the face, my dear, petite lady. in reply to HiOhMegan #
  • @PassionAndSoul If you're for real interested, I can do that for you. I've done it for others. I've an awesome diplomacy check. in reply to PassionAndSoul #
  • @olorwen <3 in reply to olorwen #
  • @PassionAndSoul I'm not clergy. As far as oaths of secrecy – 'sacred' may not be best word. More like 'tantamount.' Maybe not what you need? in reply to PassionAndSoul #
  • @passionandsoul I understand. I hope you find someone to fill the role. #
  • @00Syd DO IT DO IT DO IT! in reply to 00Syd #
  • @MajaMajaMaja @00Syd Oh man, all of them! Just put a single word from every historical era you can. "What Ho, Cool Cat? Seizing the day?" in reply to MajaMajaMaja #
  • @00Syd There's no way you can be more ridiculous than he is. Be bold, you have the upper hand already! in reply to 00Syd #
  • @PassionAndSoul Holy heck, holy heck, the lights are flickering on and off here at #favorite #cafe. Also treated today to "Africa" by Toto. in reply to PassionAndSoul #
  • Power flickering in this cafe is crazy. Music and internet continue, lights and com power waiver. Super odd, but fairly fun. #
  • @PassionAndSoul So sorry last tweet was randomly directed at you. I pressed the reply button on accident and didn't notice as I tweeted. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

  • Putting together the next few month's worth of music. I want to include "It Happens Every Day" by Dar, but i would drown in my tears. #
  • So, ok. I know not a lot of people stay up late writing Anglo-Saxon style poetry. But I still want a dictionary based on alliteration. #
  • Ok, apart from the issue of there not being great word-hoard style resources, there's another problem with A.S. style poetry… #
  • … it's meant to be epic. That means it's really hard to contain. It wants to sprawl to a hundred lines and go nowhere. How to keep quick? #
  • @DDog you tease! what flavor is it? in reply to DDog #
  • Completed short (but epic!) poem in the Anglo-Saxon style about the cruelness of Comp Sci. I feel accomplished, but the homework rages on. #
  • @this_isbollocks From what I can tell, Computer Science is evil and will cause everything to break forever. Is that wrong? in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks Spent the weekend watching a very nice App Math PHD locked in bitter battle with his compsci work. I hold no love for it. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks And a nice warm place to store your cock on occasion? in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • Literally the FIRST day nice enough I want to open the windows, and they jackhammer the sidewalk directly outside my home. A. Fucking. Gain. #
  • OH god internet I need the biggest hug #
  • "I would be in a phone commercial with you!" – @sarahdopp <3's me #
  • @lovingviolence Oh please do. Best Tink EVAR. (cc @majamajamaja) in reply to lovingviolence #
  • @Siniful @majamajamaja If @lovingviolence is gonna be our fairy, there'll *have* to be tons of glitter in reply to Siniful #
  • This world is so full so full so full, and nothing equals anything else out, and everything does. #Joy and #sorrow #
  • Oh my god I think that the cafe is baking cookies. Or something. Deeeelicious. #
  • @hodgman Well friend Hodgman, the myspace page it links to is very clear about the fact that that ain't Bruce. Maybe the twitter is? in reply to hodgman #
  • I want to be the type of thing that moss likes to sprout on. If concrete can do it why oh why can't I? #
  • @this_isbollocks Wow. That bad? in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks I'm sorry darling. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks I'm glad there's a cool Gram in the picture. They can really improve the state of the world. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @maymaym Thank you so much for upping that signal. Password changes commence, and I'm spreading the word. in reply to maymaym #
  • A poem in a different style; with pride (and explanation!): #
  • @this_isbollocks Have you been cheating on me with other women? For shame. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks The hussy. She doesn't know what she's messing with. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks Alas, my turtle dove, I cannot. I must drink ridiculous qualities of wine with the gals. I will brag about your prowess. in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @this_isbollocks Sometime next week perhaps? in reply to this_isbollocks #
  • @HiOhMegan You are just a bundle of information today, lady! Amazing! Thanks! in reply to HiOhMegan #
  • Tiny, pink-clad, ringletted girls do staccato dance to "Tainted Love" in the Cafe. My life is a happy one. #
  • 'I didn't mean to grab your boobs but I'm not sorry it happened.' Yay #girl #039;s #night #
  • Chilly spring day, but plotting table design for a new home, I feel warm and cozy. #
  • Sometimes my job is just reading a book while being periodically called on Skype by @JohnTUnger while he tests mics. #
  • 'He found another supernova?!' Dinner with college friends makes me feel inadequate. It's like family in that way. #

Comp-Sci is Epic

So the other night I was hanging out with my friend Hoy as he stayed up late fighting a really evil Comp-Sci assignment.

I have this pet theory that everybody has a poetic form that fits them better than others.

A while ago I decided that Hoy was best suited to the Anglo-Saxon alliterative epic form. The form focuses on lines divided with by a caesura (a beat pause – that’s what’s indicated by those sets of vertical lines), with two stressed syllables on either side of it, and a strong emphasis on alliterative words. It has no set meter and no call for rhyme, setting it apart from most other forms of Western poetry.

Also unlike many forms of Western poetry, you can’t do just anything with it. Like dactylic hexameter, it’s an innately epic form. It’s a form for the oral tradition, designed to keep your warriors from brawling too much in the meadhall during the long, dark Anglo-Saxon winter nights. Which meant I couldn’t make Hoy a poem in the style I had chosen until I watched him do something epic – like bravely battle code dragons into the wee hours of the morning.

If you speak Anglo-Saxon (or if you don’t, or if you know somebody who does, or if you can find a recording) you can find good examples of this all over: Beowulf, of course, but also the Dream of The Rood, which is a particular favorite of mine.

And it’s actually a little tricky to accomplish in Modern English, and so it is with great pride that I present to you my very very first Modern English Stressed-Alliterative Epic-Style Poem.*, **

Deep was the darkness || without the window,
high in the home-place, || lamp light yet burned.
How fought the hero, || creating, computing,
long into lateness, || trying the task.
Handsome Hoy Loper! || Fights he the figments,
code lines and cunning || the weapons he wields.
How high his hopes were, || baited his breathing,
as his fleet fingers || readied the run.
Dark his despairing! || Fallen his face was,
twisted the code text, || line upon line.
Massed on the monitor || mind numbing numbers,
senseless and silent || by bit and by byte.
Cried he “Crap! Crap! Crap!” || stymied and sullen,
full of frustration, || restless and wroth.
Pensive his pacing || ’round the small room-home,
dark his demeanor, || made he sad sounds.
Code in Crayola-bright colors, || slow scrolling
shows on his screen, || continuous, cold.
How shall he triumph, || terrific, tempestuous,
over this onslaught || of stress-making stuff?
Dread dawn approaching || brightness and birdsong,
on hacks the hero, || disgusted, dismayed.
Shall there be sleeping || or drear deprivation?
Vanquish or victory, || slumber or strife?
Deep is the darkness || on hacks Hoy Loper,
till Comp-Sci completed || he righteous shall rest.

* Thanks to my friends Marshall and Vlad for helping me come up with accurate tech-speak. I may have a good grasp of A.S. poetry, but C++ is totally beyond me.

** Who spotted the kennings? Anybody? Anybody? Gosh I’m authentic!***

***For definitions of “authentic” equal to “a huge, huge geek”

But is it alphabetized?

I love books. I love order. I love beautiful things moving to music.
Alora, I love this video! Despite this love, I find it deeply unsettling to watch – are the books in order, at the end? Are they easy to reference? I can’t tell. I think not. That hurts me.

HOWEVER: The fact that the wonderful folk who made it credited all of the books totally makes up for it. I’m sure they can find the ones they need, if they can give them all credit for their debut performance.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

to say

It has been said that no man is an island,
but I think it might not be true.
I mean, islands are connected.
There’s water in between them. You can send boats across.

There may, however, be an accident at Sea.
You never know just what will show up when the boat hits shore again.
Sometimes you can’t even predict what shore it will hit.

It may occur to you that this is a metaphor.
You would almost certainly be correct in that assumption,
and, indeed, you could probably make a fairly accurate surmise
as to what I’m getting at.

Some boats are better bets than others.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

Collective Nouns

Clattering, jabbering, unkind and wise
collective nouns fall into my brain today,
describing those avian clouds
that fill the sky in springtime and fall
like terrifying, wheeling, glorious storms.

Those are starlings
and they come in murmurations

Geese come in an unsurprising gaggle
more surprisingly accurate
girls do, too

Some of these terms are concrete,
Oxford English.

Others are spurious, unverified,

But all of them are surprising
and wonderful.

What a world! What great groupings it contains!
And what extraordinary ways we have contrived
to describe it.