Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • All plugged in for tonight's @KinkOnTap w/my gorgeous cohost @maymaym & charming guest @JohnBaku. This 4th, the #fireworks are intellectual! #
  • I was right! This week's @KinkOnTap with the very cool @JohnBaku really was #sparky Just the thing to celebrate #independence of all kinds! #
  • Ok, #weather I get it. 93 degrees. I'll air-condition just a little, just so my #brain will continue to #function Just that much. No more. #
  • Dear the Internet: I can promise you that @maymaym is not awake yet. But I'm sure he will appreciate the #birthday #wishes when he is! #
  • @xMech Saw this and was thought – I know just what bathroom he's thinking of. That one is particularly lovely. in reply to xMech #
  • Who's got a brilliant idea for clearing the clouds from my head? the AC is helping, but not nearly enough… #
  • Read enough times in a row, any word will lose it's meaning. Currentl "free" is just a collection of letters that make a silly sound. #
  • Hey, #Internet Who gets paid for things online? Do you accept #credit #cards? Why or why not, and which #service do you use for that stuff? #
  • @johntunger Thanks! I'm thinking that these are much more effective for selling objects than selling services, but I'm looking into 'em! in reply to johntunger #
  • It's official. It just hit #100 #degrees in Providence; 115 with the heat index. This is yechy. AC full blast, downing water, still too hot. #
  • 4 hours delay. On and off plane twice. Bought wifi pass to do work, 3 calls and over an hour on phone w wifi tech support. Might cry. Help. #
  • Meetings rearranged, re-boarded & waiting. To heck w/ work for tonight. Eventually I'll get home, & pay attention to family & cat. Is #good #
  • More or less off radar right now with my parents in Michigan. See you for @KinkOnTap tomorrow, Internet! @bluegal & @sexgenderbody join us! #

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