Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • @maymaym Next year, barring life-changing personal events, I will be there with you. We will be beautiful. For now, scope it out for me? in reply to maymaym #
  • @maymaym Good for you. Now put some glitter on it, or otherwise make it eye-catching. I find #trying to #remember sometimes makes me forget. in reply to maymaym #
  • @jamesbcarp @maymaym @sarahdopp Only got to spend 1 night w/ the 3 of you. One of the best. Be #brilliant, #inspire me, so I can come back. #
  • Made qinoa tabbouleh. Got myself a bowl, then ignored it & ate home-made cookies for dinner. A fitting celebration to the repair of my oven. #
  • @jamesbcarp Why not honey and jam? What if your visitors want both? in reply to jamesbcarp #
  • @jamesbcarp I would visit if I could, and you know it. No worries about overpowering bread. Have you seen what @maymaym does w/ condiments? in reply to jamesbcarp #
  • What fun! RT @maymaym, @KinkOnTap: Fresh on tap: Kink On Tap 9: #Honesty in #Porn, !Sex in Asia & Cats in Germany #
  • @maymaym Good for you, treating yourself right. Hope all will be well. Let me know how to help, Wonderboy. in reply to maymaym #
  • @maymaym No suggestions, but luck and love. Sorry – I think the questions I tend to ask don't fit your jobs. Really, at all, techno-boy. in reply to maymaym #
  • @maymaym If the other option was stopping, then yes, absolutely. Likely even if not, but I am well beprojected myself. in reply to maymaym #
  • @damsorrow Dear @damsorrow's diary: How can I be more like her? She fulfills all my dreams and more. in reply to damsorrow #
  • @maymaym You will reprioritize, and let nothing you love go. That's how you function. It will all happen. I, of course, will help. in reply to maymaym #
  • I am feeling slightly# lonely, but it's not making me sad in any grand overwhelming way. This is such a nice change that I feel #triumphant. #

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