Quick and Dirty Blogging: STI Clinics Done Me Wrong

This is just a brief post to express my frustration with the STI clinic at which Maymay just very responsibly made an appointment to have himself re-screened.

I was going to do so, too. He called and attempted to make appointments for both of us, consecutively. He was told that he couldn’t make them both, but that there were consecutive appointments, and I should call in. I did, I was shunted to the emergency testing line, who cordially asked me about the unprotected sex I might have had in the past 72 hours. Upon being told that no, I have every reason to believe I’m clean, I just want to make sure, I was shunted back to make an appointment, and then told there was none for over a month, which was then reduced to two weeks. There were none, apparently, consecutive to May’s appointment… that information would only have been accurate if I was male. Because my appointments have to be made through gynocology.

What pisses me off most, here, is not that they were disorganized, listened to him and didn’t listen to me, assumed that when I wanted testing it was because I had done something irresponsible whereas his appointment was just common sense. No, what pisses me off is that the operator who spoke to May must have assumed that his partner was male. Otherwise they wouldn’t have told him there were such consecutive appointments, because appointments are apparently just made differently and along different schedules for women and for men. Which is fine, but fuck you operator for assuming my lover only sleeps with dudes because he’s responsible about his sexual health and he has a soft-toned voice. Fuck you long and hard.

I’ll get my screening another time.