The world
Today it is windy and chilly. Snowed this morning but it’s already gone. It’s been sort of rainy and blustery for a while, I suppose. The flowers are coming up anyway, and Hugo still wants to be out. Buds are starting to form on the branches, but leaves will not be for a while. Only the barest beginnings of scilla in bud, I expect it’ll be at least two weeks till daffodils. Minimum. Still March.

The kiddo
Sick today. Still in pretty good spirits, though. Coughed in his sleep last night and then slept late, went outside with Hoy before breakfast. Says two word combinations pretty regularly now. Starting to get into the big toy firetruck we got him.

I can’t believe it’s been four days. Damn it. Final project prep is upon me and the weather turned blergy. Although there was a thunderstorm! That should have been sufficient. Just getting my stuff done, over here. Gonna go organize Hugo’s toys now. That should be fun.

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