The world
March was much Marchier today. Windy, 40s, showers. Still not as biting as the cold all winter, so I’ll take it. Yesterday it was 60-plus and we all sat around outside for too long and didn’t eat dinner till late.

The kiddo
I cannot overstate how much I love holding hands with him. He reaches up to grab a parental hand going up or down steep steps, or over slippery or uneven surfaces. It’s such a nice way to help him navigate the world, not holding him but not entirely separate either.

Bought a salad for lunch and forgot to eat it. Scarfed down a bacon-egg-and-cheese bagel after stats and then just, did other stuff and never ate the healthy part. At least I took it home; maybe tomorrow.

Also, I seem to be doing these every other day recently. What gives?

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