The world
Sat outside in it with Hugo and Hoy. Something about how they mowed the leaves into the grass in Hunt Park has created leaf-sand that sticks amazingly to Hugo’s fox coat. We got most of it off. Taste of things to come…

The kiddo
Slightly less lovely mood. Hoy on him most of the day – got him down for three naps, no problemo. But at night, he needed to scream. Held him and rocked and did the “You’re ok, and I’m ok, and it’s ok, and we’re ok” thing till his body quieted. I already miss him for tomorrow. He is 7 months old today.

I’m so lazy on the weekends! Got SOME of the stuff done I wanted to. A little. Saw M&D, had a nice chat with Steph, relaxed a lot, cleaned a little. I think after the semester is done, I’ll try to get Hoy to take a few days off with me. It will be nice, in late April or May.

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