The world
Cleaned more leaves away from the garden. Some small things are coming half in bloom as soon as they make it out of the ground. Could they be my scilla? I look forward to each day’s changes.

The kiddo
Down for two naps with little struggle: first I then Hoy put him down after some books, he cried two minutes then slept for 30. Happy and social with us, with M&D. A third nap started in the carseat on the way home and continued on a walk. Just a lovely little human.

I am so happy around Hugo, and Hoy. Silly and dancing and relaxed. It’s so nice to have this grounding wonderful family to escape my many up-down-good-bad feelings about pandemic.
Also, pretty sure all the achy-gassy discomfort of the last month is the end of my lingering pregnancy-induced lactose tolerance. Back to Lactaid for me.

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