Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • For those who are interested in what I did last year: #
  • Say goodbye to a great sex-positive news source. We'll miss you, Carnal Nation! We learned a lot from you! #KinkOnTap #
  • Tonight I remembered how good it is to make for pleasure. Made a crazy mix, listened while creating a crazy cover. Tmmorrow I give it away. #
  • Apparently, for values of "Game" equal to "Boys," you still can't win, can't break even and can't get out of the game. Dammit, menfolk. #
  • I have this one friend, and EVERY time I see him I wind up hungry when he leaves. Why is that? What makes him so famishing? #
  • My cup runneth over. #
  • And I am not so sure I was thirsty to begin with. #
  • All I want out of this afternoon is sunshine through my window helping me stay warm. That's all I want. It's not so much to ask. #
  • They sky over Providence is so lovely it makes my work grind to a joyous halt. Well done, world. Thank you. #
  • @DDog I said that to a boy just the other day! He smiled and said 'Thank you" which is how I knew he was worth talking to. in reply to DDog #
  • These days I feel like I should open up a cafe in Morocco. Do what I gotta do; y'know – I don't stick my neck out for nobody. #
  • @bewareleopard Sure! When do you get in again? in reply to bewareleopard #
  • @xMech JOY! in reply to xMech #
  • I keep going to bed early yet not waking up for at least 9 hours. What is my body doing with all this sleep? Building me some wings, perhaps #
  • @vlad43210 But I want wings… in reply to vlad43210 #
  • "Oh, hey. I know you didn't want any icecream, but have a taste-isn't it delicious? Don't you want another lick? Ok. Now I'll throw it way." #
  • @siniful Not so bad. Life happens. Like you see a friend on a bike, expecting them to slow down to chat, but they go right past. Just laugh. in reply to siniful #
  • Seems #legal #tradition is more important than #lgbt #rights or the spirit of the constitution-no surprise. #kinkontap #

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