See You Next Time

He told me this story
Two girls, one on a bicycle
A conversation ended too abruptly
One wheeling off, the other laughing
Face up, at the sky
Meeting her expectation unmet
Without anger
With bafflement, maybe
With joy

And I agree with him
This is definitely worth learning from
This story
It is excellent proverb material
Because – you know – isn’t it true?
We just can’t go around expecting
Our conversations to be completed
We can’t just assume
People won’t bike away

My whole life is like this
One unexpected thing, like a friend
On a bike, who I hadn’t thought to see
Followed by another unexpected thing
A conversation that never happened
It shifts so quickly,
I didn’t expect to see you here
I didn’t expect you to go
So what can we do?
This boy, those girls
What’s left but to laugh, belly-deep and joyous?
Hello, sky
Hello, Fall
Goodbye, whatever I had thought was going happen
See you next time

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