Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Ok. Well why don't you just hang out w us in the chatroom then? We'll get you back some sunny day soon. #
  • Sorry, last tweet was meant to go Direct. Nothing to see here, folks, move along… #
  • @sapphirefires Why not at all! Sorry to get to this late, I'm a bit slow. Drop me a DM and we can go from there! in reply to sapphirefires #
  • @writingdirty By & large, when bothering to assign gender or sex to Elder Gods, Shub Niggurath is considered to be of the female persuasion. in reply to writingdirty #
  • @writingdirty Wikipedia also seems to be telling me that Shub Niggurath is a Great Old One rather than an Elder God. Humph. in reply to writingdirty #
  • Starting to plan my #KFASF pres: "Why #I #Talk About #Sex All the Time, and Why I Think #You #Should #Too." What are other people planning? #
  • @raxvulpine Very likely I will not only videotape it but also live broadcast it! I'm glad you're interested! #KFASF in reply to raxvulpine #
  • Oh, @maymaym, who really does understand your sex life? Or their own for that matter… 😉 in reply to maymaym #
  • @MollyRen Occasionally they are assigned sex/gender, but it's sort of … unfathomable, I think. in reply to MollyRen #
  • Dear Universe: Today was a good day. I'd take more like it. Thanks! #
  • Today I found out @maymaym has a watchdog that spawns daemons, four at a time! I had no idea #webdev was so #epic. #
  • Last week to vote for my IWHC contest proposal SexEdEverywhere! just 1-click: Why you should vote: #
  • Today, I got my hair cut, paid for it, left, & walked directly to another salon in the same mall to see if they could fix the damage. #
  • @sarahdopp @mollyren First 1 tried to shorten my buzz in back w/ scissors as apparently the salon had one set of clippers, no guards for it. in reply to sarahdopp #
  • @MollyRen @sarahdopp Went to second salon, which had clippers. Better now. And oth together cost less than my usual place, so it's ok. in reply to MollyRen #
  • @Adisson89 Hugs and cuddles, Sweet Pea! Feel better! in reply to Adisson89 #

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