Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • My friends are discussing how one might vocally communicate in Python, & its relative merits to English. /sigh cc @maymaym #
  • Listening to @maymaym talking LIVE on the radio about #KFASF and beyond! Listen in at #
  • New post at – the #gingerbread recipe I mentioned in my #KFAPVD talk: And why I love it SO MUCH. #
  • Prepping for @KinkOnTap, I learn about #female #condoms and #sexy #snowladies. This should be a fun show! #
  • @adrianlang Thank you for saying so. I seldom expect my personal journeys to be of much interest to the wider world. in reply to adrianlang #
  • It's International Women's Day and all I got was this lousy 80 cents to every dollar a male employee makes. #
  • RT @KinkOnTap: Fresh from the tap: Kink On Tap 31: Delightfully Flawed People #
  • Just 1 click will help empower youth to SEE & share their #sexual #health #knowledge:! Vote and please, spread the word! #
  • It's funny how my personal demons like to dress up and pretend to be other people. Stop it! Nobody thinks those things about me but me! #
  • What can be better than your best friend responding to your actions with "Danger Will Robinson, DANGER" & then immediately signing offline? #
  • @tylerthepup You could do a light tomato, like a tomato-cream sauce? Or some kinda pesto? in reply to tylerthepup #
  • I will not do anything I dread as much as I dread doing my laundry tonight. I can make it till Saturday, and it ain't worth it tonight. #
  • @MrMadman It's not the laundry I hate, it's the florescent lighting and the three different TVs and the waiting with nothing to do. Lonely. in reply to MrMadman #
  • @MrMadman I'll do that. On Saturday. in reply to MrMadman #
  • @sarahdopp I know that feeling! Cleaning my room is my favorite form of procrastination, and the only form that actually helps! in reply to sarahdopp #
  • @Adisson89 I know precisely what you mean. Fight it with me, Bight Eyes. in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @Adisson89 I'll see you another time. We'll make it work. If we want it, we can do anything. in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @Adisson89 Yeah, that's pretty grand. I miss things going down like that. (PS you should come to #KFADC2 anyway) in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @Adisson89 Boo on that, but I do understand, Dearheart. in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @maymaym What's worse than your excitable confusion is the fact that I independently confirmed that 6/12/2010 meant June 6th. Well done, us. in reply to maymaym #
  • @sarahdopp Lady I haven't missed a #KFA yet, & I don't intend to start now. I'll see you at #KFASF, & if I'm lucky I'll see @adisson89 too! in reply to sarahdopp #
  • Fuck you, Sadness. You stay away from me and from all of my friends. This is NOT COOL, man. Not cool. #
  • When I find myself in times of trouble, Wkipedia pictures of varietal gingerbread comfort me … #
  • @maymaym Take good care of yourself, Sweet Boy. I'm doing the same. in reply to maymaym #
  • Empower #youth to spread knowledge of sexual #rights! Vote for SexEdEverywhere w/1 click at Tell your friends! #
  • I have been brought joy, and thus, I share it with you: #JOY! (Except for #Batman, who does not look joyful at all) #
  • Menu for the evening: Orecchiette w/ green pea & asparagus ragout, roasted butternut squash w/ balsamic vinegar, poached pears, gingerbread. #
  • Awesome!! RT @KinkForAll: KinkForAll San Francisco on #KFASF #

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