Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • Awoken early by the wee neighbors noisemaking in the hallway. I think it was YaySnow, but they don't speak English so I'm not sure. #
  • Have god's own headache. please send ibuprofen, tea, cuddles. #
  • Settling in w/ steelcut oatmeal & my traditional weekend tureen of coffee. Just discovered a fever of 100.1. Hoping the ibuprofen will help. #
  • Boning up on #Social #Networking for tonight's #KinkOnTap w/ @IdentityWoman, @Nikolasco, & @viviane212. Feels a bit like pre-quiz cramming. #
  • @Adisson89 That's not such a bad thing! in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @Adisson89 I'll turn your tables…. in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @Adisson89 Awesome!! I'm deep in research for this #kinkontap. I'd love to have you around for it! in reply to Adisson89 #
  • My frustrations are different, but no less justified. This article disservices its accuracies by couching them in foolish generalities. #
  • Home and Happy. Have wrapped, helped wrap, cooked, helped cook. Parents moving about downstairs, I head to sleep-the morning will come soon. #
  • @Maymaym's laptop's dead. If you like @kinkontap, now's the time to #donate-without his computer, we can't do the show. #
  • If you like @kinkontap, pls keep up the giving spirit & donate; @maymaym needs a new laptop. Even a bit helps, & so does spreading the word. #
  • @maymaym praying!!! in reply to maymaym #
  • Thanks again to everybody retweeting @maymaym and my requests for donations. The little bits add up – with you help, @kinkontap will go on. #
  • Wishing I hadn't left my vibrator in Providence. Looks like if I want to have orgasms, I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. #
  • It is 6:30 pm and I have not eaten anything today. Am I hungry? Not really. Am I excited for dinner out? Yes. I get weird at home, clearly. #

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