Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • #Home from the party. Got attention-from the sib who follows me, and others. Now clean & cozy as it starts to rain outside. #KinkOnTap prep. #
  • Apparently somewhere along the line, my wallet & I parted company. Safe in the hands of school Public Safety, I'll grab it in Boston Tues. #
  • @Adisson89 We will miss you so much!
    We want you back! in reply to Adisson89 #
  • I talk, @maymaym talks, Obama talks. I talk, @maymaym talks, Obama talks. This is how we test the audio! #KinkOnTap fun. #
  • @maymaym I thought Christmas gifts were something I made you get your family. in reply to maymaym #
  • Slept late but not too late, doing ok. Off to work now – Wednesdays are easy mornings (but loooong afternoons). Time for #KinkOnTap, though. #
  • @DarthBitsy I'm all about another @KinkForAll #Boston. No worries about timing it too close to #KinkForAll #Providence. More the merrier! #
  • From working to worrying in one overwhelming wave of concern. #
  • Long day at work? Watch Myth Busters smash crystal glasses with their voices. #
  • So hungry. What to eat? #
  • @NijiShoujo I REALLY do too! Yum! in reply to NijiShoujo #
  • Turns out I have a low fever, mounting slowly. I have latkes to make tomorrow! I can't get sick for real! Ibuprofen will keep me safe. #
  • Two ibuprofen and the fever has leveled out. Latkes should be a go. #
  • @teaguehopkins, you need to chat with @maymaym. Seems there is some social entrepreneurship that you two could profitably converse upon. #
  • Home. Safe. Have Clementines – Can weather the snow. #
  • @maymaym you just tweeted this. Enjoy your breakfast, sillyboy. #
  • @maymaym You're adorable. in reply to maymaym #
  • One of those nights, one of those weeks. Hard not to be crippled by it. Hard not to repeat foolish actions. Ready to be home now, please. #

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