Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • Home in Ann Arbor this week, spending time with my post-operative mother, the outdoors and the internet. SFO in T-10 days and counting. Joy! #
  • Rereading journals of drawing & poetry from when I was 12-13. It's a harrowing, necessary, experience. I loved hard, had mood swings, raved. #
  • Made beef carpaccio, tabbouleh, berries (blue, rasp, red currants) w/ creme freche. Red wine & coffee. Now to shower & retire from Mom-care. #
  • Today: errands, haircut, get health-insurance info, whip practice, finish iTunes organization, shower in sun, futz with iCal (check!). #
  • With new haircut, I believe I am officially a Lesbian Impersonator. That's ok, though, my boy owns more skirts than I do, so it evens out. #
  • Redsox defeated Oakland A's, this night.. I find that liking the Sox is genetic for me, in the same way hating Paul Eckman is. Thanks, Mom. #
  • Today, Gyno appointment and STI screening. And showering in the sun. #
  • Joined friend of family on walk; he likes brisk walking in 80+ heat, wearing a straw hat & smoking a pipe. Survived smoke-free. Sunshowered. #
  • @maymaym This time, you, psychology, retirement, transexuals, me, life. He's a pretty amazing guy. Next time I'll ask him about pipesmoking. #
  • @maymaym Oh, Wonderboy. At this point next week I'll have been off the plan for a half hour, but will probably just be keeping you one edge. in reply to maymaym #
  • Back to Providence today, & then to BOSTON for NELA FFF. And then BACK to PVD to get an apartment? With internet & such? That would be good. #
  • @damsorrow Short answer is Yes, we're heading out soon. I'm heading to one apartment, @zacmakes to another. We'll miss it, but it's time. in reply to damsorrow #
  • Off to Boston for MtG, friends, catching up. Tomorrow, NELA FFF, perhaps a new whip? More friends. In the mean time, of course, SMS. #
  • @maymaym What were you daydreaming about, Wonderboy? in reply to maymaym #
  • Good at love, bad at sleep. Will beat the time-zone beasties in the end. #
  • Possibly Lovecraftian board games instead of FFF? In the New Reality, @helio_girl does What She Wants, even if it's Not What She Planned. #
  • Failed to defeat the monsters, grabbed coffee. Now friends @ a concert, I sit in their house, watch Dr. Who, wait to meet FFF folks and eat. #
  • Crying as I drive seems to have become a habit. My insides are bruised and mushy. I must find time to mourn. There is no comfort left me. #

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