The world
Grey; cold; windy. March. Made it out for a short walk – Hoy said it would be “salubrious” and I think it was.

The kiddo
Around 8:20 this evening decided he was in a laughin’ mood. Hoy and I deep in conversation through dinner, Hugo more or less just fine eating up his avocado without much interaction. Then after dinner, Hoy and I still chatting away while he did the dishes; I sat with Hugo and periodically said “guh! Huggudah!” to him to peals of laughter. Just, like, in between talking to Hoy. “Huggudah!” “Ah-huh-huhh-huhh!” Delightful.

Back to achey all day. I need to move my human body and stretch my aching goblin muscles. I am past 30 and a mom and I know better but I don’t act better, and I am suffering for it.

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