One thing I am learning
is that loving somebody
and knowing them
isn’t the same

What I know about my husband includes:
the way he feels anxiety mostly
once the cause of it has passed,
how he sings nonsense songs
to gain control over an unruly mind —

also how he looks at me,
and a little about how
he learned to trust me,
and trust us.

What I don’t know includes:
what he is thinking when he sings
and how he says hello to people
when I’m not by his side,
what he is like when people
who are not me first meet him.
Is he an easy colleague? a frustrating one?
What I don’t know is not limited
to this
or at all.

I love him.
And I getting know him (with me) pretty well,
but I do not know him with the world.
I could not explain him accurately:
what I don’t know encompasses all the space inside
and outside of him.

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