Clementines II

What sort of fruit
is bred to be seedless?
Where is the point of that?

Fruiting bodies are
meant to be eaten,
which is weird enough in itself.

It only makes sense when the seeds
in the fruit
are spread through the world,

(Which frankly makes humans bad-eaters of fruit
given our septic-system and all)

But not to have seeds
in the fruit, even one?

What’s the point? Even humans can eat ’em.
No good will be done
for the tree
or the species.

What a highly domesticated
pampered and paupered
strange little symbiote
clementines are.


  1. Nice little poem. I, personally, love getting the seeds out of the seeded clementines. Every slice is a tiny mystery – will there be a seed, or no?

  2. Watermelon.

    Actually, it’s not that they don’t have seeds, it’s that they are bred so that they will ripen long before the seeds would have matured enough to show up.

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