How will I survive the diaspora of friendship?

I will lean heavily upon the future
(in form of: wishing, hoping, and video-communication)

Also on the past
(in form of: remembering, and the arcane and archaic art of the postal letter)

I will not forget those things outside of my immediate cycle of days, but
as importantly,
I will allow myself to be comforted by those things within that cycle.
I will take my vitamins. I will brush my teeth. I will cook dinner.

I will cry a little when I need to.

What is less than three? Whole universes. Everything.

Foreshortened hands and pictures in my notebook and boxes on my bureau and poems that I wrote or have not written –

This is literal.

And I will remember telephones and aeroplanes;
the easiest and the hardest,
the saddest and the best.

I am a master of the universe. I will conquer this loss.

We will regain.

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