Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Show's over and done, but I'm still in the chatroom at, because it's full of #awesome #people. Stop by & join the party! #
  • What time is it? Is it #drunk #Emma tries to #code time? I think it is! Threaded comments, here I come! #
  • Or, maybe I could just click that button saying that comments can thread. I could do that, too…. Durr. #
  • @browneyedgirl65 So glad you were able to listen! Hope you enjoyed it! in reply to browneyedgirl65 #
  • New blog. The truth in images (a poem): #
  • @johntunger Now I want pizza. What does that say about me? At least I don't want pumpkin pizza. in reply to johntunger #
  • Dear Internet I love my best friend and red wine and and the pillow I put in the microwave that stays warm so I don't need to get a cat. #
  • Dear @AmandaPalmer you're in concert right now, rock on. Wanted t'thank you for "The Truth," the #anthem of my #now You said it right. #AFP #
  • Internet, I realized – when they say "sweet," I hear "pathetic." I managed to learn to hear "cute" for what it was; how do I learn this one? #
  • @Adisson89 N'aww, that one I TOTALLY get. It's the "you're sweet" that I struggle with. in reply to Adisson89 #
  • @Snoil Cute means adorable; attractive in a way separate from sexy, pretty, or beautiful. I know I work at it, so I'd better accept it! in reply to Snoil #
  • @siniful This is not to judge your language – I want to get better at hearing that in the word, instead of what I get from it, y'know? in reply to Siniful #
  • @musingvirtual I realized that I project a lot of cute signals, so when I get "cute" back as a compliment, I needed to take it for that. in reply to musingvirtual #
  • @siniful I think everybody does. Wherever possible, though, I want to hear what people are trying to tell me, not what I am prone to fearing in reply to Siniful #
  • @siniful Right, me too. I heard "cutesy," which I hated to think of, and also "not beautiful." Both were hard. in reply to Siniful #
  • @katiesalt I think you mean me? I'm @helio_girl! #
  • Oh mediawiki, mediawiki, why can't we be friends? I want to be your friend. I want to feel good around you. Don't you like me, mediawiki? #
  • @johntunger Is it people? in reply to johntunger #
  • I *AM* The #Wiki #Queen! Look at me format! For Great Justice! #
  • @johntunger Awesome! Then yeah, best name ever. in reply to johntunger #

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