Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Gearing up for @kinkontap! You should come join us, we've got @viviane212 and @xmech as guests, plus the ever-fab @maymaym (and me!) #
  • Morning. Half on vacation, half not. Confused and overwhelmed by work and family. Missing many things. #
  • @pledgemistress Please stop hurting, Aida's tummy! in reply to pledgemistress #
  • Hey guys, is google search down or something? When I try to go to google, road runner search comes up. Which is very, very odd. #
  • … and that has now stopped happening. What an odd little Internet blip. #
  • @Rikakulon Unquestionably it is so! in reply to Rikakulon #

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