Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • Am drinking hot water with fresh mint, half a lemon & honey. Have fresh baked cookies. Spending a cozy afternoon prepping for @kinkforall 🙂 #
  • All of which is true except that today, rather than earlier in the week, I'm prepping for @kinkontap rather than working on @kinkforall. #
  • Why so many 3-syllable names that start with the word "kink"? Why, @maymaym, why? I am constantly misrepresenting my efforts, here, y'know! #
  • Totally psyched for @kinkontap tonight! We've got @mrsexsmith on, and another #awesome #topic list. Check us out!! #
  • @tylerthepup I send love. Simply love. in reply to tylerthepup #
  • @dandelionjar Oh, hey! Enjoy the sun & science! I'll miss you! in reply to dandelionjar #
  • Hormonal #birthcontrol in #longdistance #relationships = a 10 dollar co-pay worth of pure #irony. #
  • @bewareleopard I will totally be there. That's worth while, yeah? in reply to bewareleopard #
  • No fever, but a nasty cough and aching chest – do I stay home from work, or try to spend the day reading to kids? I think I stay home. You? #
  • Heading to work after all. If I feel nasty, I can leave early, and it won't count as having taken a fully day off. Wish me luck! #
  • Still feeling sick. Still think I'm gonna try for work today. I'll take sudafed. If I feel better, I stay. If I don't, I head home. #
  • Turns out I didn't feel better – might be that I just need to remedicate, but I think I will nap first. Then dinner. Then @Kinkontap work. #

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