Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

  • Morning. Apartment is full of light through venetian blinds. @maymaym & I look like zebras and cats. Last night's booze cedes now to coffee. #
  • Left apt for walk @ 1:30 pm. Returned @ 10:00 pm. Ate bagels, fried clams, smarties & walked. So much. Now, home, safe, happy, exhausted. #
  • Awoke. Got off. Showered, logisticized. Now, burgers! For great justice!! #
  • After spectacular smart night with @jamesbcarp,@sarahdopp, @maymaym, we awake to a pile of dishes and a trip to Ikea. Next stop, furniture! #
  • Went to bed with hair slightly wet, awoke with perfectly styled faux-hawk. Unsure what the universe is telling me. I need ill-fitting jeans? #
  • @dandelionjar Rock On! Will you be getting a tan, or just Science? in reply to dandelionjar #

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