3.5.17 & 3.6.17

we go to the rally
we don’t complain about the cold
but we do about the speakers

we want a story
we want better timing on these chants

some are pretty good; some do not impress us
how jaded. and for what? what does it serve us?

and why not? we have opinions
on everything else, we know
where we stand on things



I don’t mean to say I was not moved – I was

watching a woman place a stone upon a monument
in the cold


it’s weird to know
that half the reason
it’s going so well now
is because it will be over soon
and everybody knows it

3.3.17 & 3.4.17.


There is what I don’t remember
and what I never knew
and what I do not understand
but could understand in time

and there is jumping
and playing
and laughing
and getting so sleepy
that you hover
on the very edge of crying
and laughing again

in this happy home
that is not my home
or even what my home could be
some day



No one could blame you
for thinking it was safe

seventy degrees is pretty balmy
a week is not a very long time

but friend, it’s cold out now
the wind is bringing down branches

I don’t think I’m going

to see you bloom



Today success looked like
sitting all the way down
at the foot of the bed
and tears

a sudden squall
on sullen seas.

Tomorrow or Monday
or in a week
it might disappear
like nothing ever happened.

Like the foot of the bed
stayed out of reach forever.


This lion has no teeth
it has a warm and foggy coat
it feels kinda lamb-like
I don’t know that I trust it
but right now
I’ll take whatever softness I can get